Dear Readers

Pope Leo XIII the Great ordered us to make friends with the angels. We should follow the many saints who had a great devotion to St Michael the Archangel. He was a great protector and defender to St Padre Pio, St Faustina and others who invoked him often each day in a special way in their daily spiritual battle. We are all tempted like the saints which is part of our spiritual life.

Front cover of the June 2013 issue

Angels are God’s messengers and are pure spirit beings. God wanted the angels to serve us and are assigned to be our soul and bodyguard. Often VIPs are protected by several bodyguards so we too should have St Michael as our bodyguard working behind the scenes in anticipation of things that are about to happen, keeping us safe. We should pray each day to him and try to imitate him.

These days there is interest in angels all over the world. It is important to discern and have true knowledge about the angels. The good angels led by St Michael want us to obey God always, they can touch our lives at any time and want us in Heaven with them. The world is a battleground, we have free will and it is up to us to decide to be with God and His good angels or with the bad angels who are lost forever and want us to share their destiny and drag us into Hell with them. We should be aware of the many dangers including the New Age.

In the Diary of St Faustina angels are mentioned in 70 places – God created the angels for us on purpose. Our Congregation’s main charism is proclaiming the Good News and explaining the truth about angels. Faith comes from hearing and we gain more knowledge about the angels who are around us all the time inspiring and ministering to us.

We should stand in awe before God in our here and now life and be faithful in the choices and decisions of life and try and be like St Michael with a love for Our Blessed Mother and a love for each human being.

I assure you of the constant daily prayer of the priests of the Congregation of St Michael the Archangel for all our readers and their families. Please let others know about this magazine and help us to distribute it all over the world.


God bless you.
Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA