Dear Readers

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the sixth quarterly edition of “The Angels. Messengers from a Loving God” magazine. Thank you for all your letters, emails and a positive feedback. We are glad to hear that it gives you knowledge, spiritual input and an inspiration for living a holy life.

Front cover of the June 2011 issue

In our magazine we write not only about the dutiful obedient angels but also the fallen ones. We should consider our lives as a spiritual battle between the opposing forces of good and evil for which we must be equipped. ‘Be ready for the fight’ – said St Paul to the Ephesians. And, as someone so wittily said, “Life’s troubled waters are better navigated by a battleship rather than a cruise liner”. This is why St Michael the Archangel, our patron, protector and helper, is often depicted in paintings as a knight. His sword, shield, amour and helmet are symbolic of his spiritual weapons.

But how strong are our moral weapons of love, truth and hope? Maybe we all too often cast off the armour of God’s love by living in sin? Maybe our sword of truth in the spoken word is broken and we cannot defend our faith or the innocents anymore? Maybe our helmet of hope has been shattered and we no longer believe that Christ has conquered the world?

We give up so easily, are fearful and lack hope and faith in victory. If you transform your mental attitude anything is possible with God. For instance do you remember that scene from the film Braveheart? During the battle of Stirling the main character, William Wallace, sees the lack of hope in his fellow soldiers. He encourages them to carry on fighting and because of that they win in a spectacular way. Similarly, high hurdle competitors visualize themselves beyond the hurdle because focusing on it would cause self doubt, instill fear in their minds and lead to failure.

The first rule of the spiritual fight is to have faith in victory. Many people take up this battle but they have lost even before they have begun. We are winners, we are not made to fight but to win. A psalmist says “Thanks to my God, I can jump over the wall”. We are the winners because Jesus has already won.

I kindly ask you to let others know about our magazine and distribute it all over the world. We look forward to any questions and feedback. I would be interested to hear by letter or email any testimonies on how the angels have helped you in your life. Please contact the office or the co-coordinators whose details are found on page 31.

May the Angels guide you on your way. God bless you.

Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA