Dear Readers

Angels and St Michael are the army of God

Front cover of the Sept 2022 issue

Sometimes we say “Someone tells me this or that…” No, not someone, but St Michael. Angelic inspirations are not fluids or energies that we bring down to earth by means of some seances or spells. The difference between an angel and a human is that an angel's free will was not distorted by sin and egoism. An angel is a supernatural being and does not have a body because he was not born but created. Being an angel they possess these three gifts and we need a personal relationship with him. If I say “St Michael”, he would say “Are you calling me, Peter? What is the matter? How can I help you? Why are you calling me?” It is a meeting of two hearts. That is how each person should pray to the angels.

We associate angels with singing, at times they are depicted in paintings with instruments. During the Holy Mass we join them with the singing of the preface “Holy, Holy, Holy”. But angels are not only vocalists and instrumentalists. They are also soldiers. St Michael is also depicted as a soldier. Angels are the Army of God. The human army usually divides into platoons and companies and similarly the army of angels into choirs, legions and hosts. St Michael generally appears armed with a sword in his hand.

In the prayer of Pope Leo XIII, we say: “and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the Divine Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.” I emphasise “by the Divine Power of God” because we need to understand this clearly. At different statues of St Michael, we can see that St Michael has great power and the Evil is surrendering to him. We need to remember that St Michael does not act with his own power but with the power of God.

He always humbles himself before God who is his Lord and Creator. St Michael would like us to know him, to share the power with us and, lead us to happiness - understood as living in a deep, intimate relationship with the Living God.

Think of these words. Look around you. Open the eyes of your soul and notice your invisible friends and allies given to us by God that are saintly angels and, particularly, St Michael the Archangel.

God bless you.

Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA