Dear Readers

Mary who is exalted

Front cover of the Dec. 2021 issue

St Gabriel was sent to Mary to announce the wonderful mystery of the incarnation. We lift our heads and look at Mary who is exalted, honoured by God, because during her lifetime she was humble. However, Mary was given the great privilege of being the Mother of Christ, God’s Mother. She exhibited godly love and did not brag or boast about her own merit or her own accomplishments for others to know or see.

To follow Mary means to be modest and humble, but it is not easy. We are tempted to put ourselves first, to be considered a very important person. Mary was not arrogant or proud. Her gaze was always towards her son, Jesus Christ.

Through her trust and total reliance upon God, Mary stands in complete opposition to Satan, who had shown disobedience to God. Thanks to her attitude, she is able to destroy the evil plan of the Prince of Darkness, who hates Mary because of it, but at the same time is afraid of her as she is the only one who does not succumb to his lies.

The apocalyptic vision is not only a simple parable, but an image of the real battle which from the very beginning is taking place in human history.

The main thrust of this fierce battle is directed against Mary as it was thanks to her that the One who conquered death had come into this world. The struggle is becoming more and more intense as Satan is aware his days are numbered. (Rv 12:12).

Mary was a virgin. She was a Mother and the spouse of St Joseph. She lived in a family where Jesus was allowed to grow up and mature safely, until His mission could be fulfilled. Hence the threat to the concepts of family, virginity and motherhood is so serious, as it is precisely thanks to these values that man is able to fulfil God’s plan and realise his calling to eternal life. It is very easy to recognize this ideology which is aimed against life, a life in the womb and of a new born.

I assure you of the constant daily prayers of the priests of the Congregation of St Michael the Archangel for all our readers and their families.

Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA