Dear Readers

The majesty of heavenly angelic beings

Angels accompany us like a shadow, constantly, and at the same time they are the farthest because they are very mysterious beings.

Front cover of the Sept 2020 issue

Angels are the Army of God. The human army usually divides into platoons and companies and the army of angels into choirs, legions and hosts.

These beings are divided into choirs, hosts and legions. When God created the world, He said to angels: Look, this is a man. He is lower than you but I love him so much. I want him to be my child. You are to serve him. You are to call me Lord. He may call Me Father. I want him to be at the very top of My house, My Father’s house.

Only God can say in what order of importance the angels take. This decision of God required extraordinary humility among the angels who were intelligent beings. The highest choirs of angels in the celestial hierarchy of creation are the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones. All these holy angels are pure spirits of contemplation. The Seraphim’s love and holiness is so great that it fills all creation in and through God. The intense love of the Seraphim protects the whole cosmos. It spills over and guards the entire world as it pours down through the lower eight choirs of angels.

If Jesus needed angels in living and doing His Father’s will, we also need them. If Our Lady needed St Gabriel the Archangel – we need angels. If St Joseph received a message from God by an angelic postman in his dream – we need angels. We need both our guardian angel and St Michael the Archangel. We should pray to and call on them many times during the day. They are thrilled when we call ask them to intercede for us.

I assure you of the constant daily prayers of the priests of the Congregation of St Michael the Archangel for all our readers and their families.

God bless you.

Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA