Dear Readers

Angels help us to have good relationships with people.

Front cover of the Dec 2019 issue

Each morning we should pray to our guardian angels of the people whom by God’s providence we will meet on this day. If you dislike or argue often with someone, pray to his and to your guardian angel so that they will help you to come to amicable agreement.

Real devotion to the holy angels should consist in imitating them. This means walking in the presence of God in the semi-darkness of our faith, doing God’s will, thanking God for all, praising Him for His glory, goodness and love.

The good angels never sinned and always did the will of God: having hatred of sin and of every imperfection in the service of God, innocence and the careful avoidance of sin in any form of degree, singing to God in our hearts, adoring His name.

When we are weak and feel an urge or strong temptation to do wrong, we should invoke and implore St Michael and the angels asking for their help.

We can call on the angels when we are at the bedside of a dying person. They will help them to have a contrite heart and turn to Jesus, the only saviour.

If you have children you should often ask their guardian angels to protect them and prevent them from all sorts of evil.

We are encouraged to wear the St Michael medal or the scapular around our neck. In addition, when we have a statue or picture of St Michael or the angels in our home, our environment will help us to be aware of their presence and turn to the angels more often and pray.

Parents should teach children how to pray to their guardian angels and remind them of their constant presence. Saint Padre Pio sent all the pilgrims who would come to him in San Giovanni Rotondo saying “Go first to St Michael and then come to San Giovanni Rotondo”. Make a resolution to be in effective touch with the angels in your daily life.

Heavenly Father, may we, your people, who look forward to the birthday of Christ, experience the joy of salvation and celebrate that feast with love and thanksgiving. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Fr Peter Prusakiewicz CSMA